CRTC to allow small wireless carriers to piggyback on Big three networks

CRTC puts measures in place to spur more mobile wireless competition for Canadians
CRTC puts measures in place to spur more mobile wireless competition for Canadians

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The CRTC today announced that certain telecommunications providers will be able to access the wireless networks of Canada’s dominant providers to offer Canadians more choice and affordable options.

As a result, regional providers that invest in network infrastructure and spectrum will be able to offer competitive services to millions of Canadians as mobile virtual network operators in areas where competition is limited. These companies have already been contributing to greater competition and helping to lower prices.

Furthermore, these regional providers will have the flexibility to resell their wholesale access to mobile virtual network operators, which will enable further competition in the marketplace.

In an effort to benefit consumers, the CRTC is also requiring that the national wireless carriers implement seamless roaming to help prevent dropped calls and data sessions when customers move from one network to another, especially during travel.

Lastly, the CRTC is taking action to ensure that Canadians–including seniors, low-income earners and those who use their mobile phone sparingly–can benefit from more affordable mobile plans that meet their needs. By July 14, 2021, Bell, Rogers, Telus and SaskTel will be expected to offer low-cost and occasional-use plans in most markets, as well as promote them on their websites, in person and over the phone.

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