Coronavirus: Here’s what Ottawa residents need to know about Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccine passport

Coronavirus: Quebec’s vaccine passport comes into effect today
Coronavirus: Quebec’s vaccine passport comes into effect today

Quebec rolls out its new COVID-19 vaccine passport this week.

Starting Sept. 1, residents 13 and older will be required to use the COVID-19 vaccine passport to access non-essential services in Gatineau and across Quebec, including indoor dining at restaurants, gyms, festivals, theatres and other places.

Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccine passport is not available to Ontario residents, but residents living in Ottawa and eastern Ontario will still be able to access non-essential services in Gatineau by showing their proof of vaccination card.

Visiting Quebec

The Quebec government says Ottawa residents travelling to Quebec must show photo ID and proof of COVID-19 vaccination issued by Ontario’s Ministry of Health.  You will need to have two doses of one of the following recognized vaccines:

  •  Pfizer-BioNTech
  •  Moderna
  •  AstraZeneca
  •  Covishield
  •  Janssen (only one dose required)

Last week, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube told reporters there are no additional requirements for visitors to Quebec who want to access places like restaurants and live events.

Where can Ontarians get a proof of COVID-19 vaccination

You should have received a proof of vaccination receipt in person or by email when you received your COVID-19 vaccine in Ottawa and across Ontario.

You can visit to download your vaccination receipts from Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

Places and activities requiring the COVID-19 vaccination passport

Starting Sept. 1, the following locations, events and activities will require the vaccination passport (or a proof of vaccination for Ontario residents)

Bars and restaurants

  •  Bars and restaurants, including patios
  •  Fast food restaurant dining rooms
  •  Nightclubs
  •  Microbreweries
  •  Distilleries
  •  Shopping mall food courts

Performance venues, movie theatres, sports venues

  •  Performance venues
  •  Stadiums and arenas
  •  Auditoriums
  •  Movie theatres
  •  Any other type of hall or venue where performance arts, sporting events, or movies are presented.

Events and festivals

  •  Outdoor events and festivals with more than 50 people
  •  Sporting event or show (play, concert) in outdoor stadiums
  •  Musical or comedy shows on an outdoor stage
  •  Sports competitions (high-level or sporting association competition)
  •  Outdoor movie theatres
  •  Agricultural fairs, arts and craft shows
  •  Festivals or other types of celebrations
  •  Walks, marathons
  •  Golf tournaments
  •  Immersive or walking tours

Arcades, theme parks, amusement parks and centres, recreation centres and water parks

  •  Indoor skydiving
  •  Amusement centres with trampolines
  •  Paintball or laser tag
  •  Go-karting
  •  Amusement rides
  •  Escape games
  •  Amusement centres for kids
  •  Historical or themed villages (e.g., Santa Claus village)
  •  Bowling alleys, pool halls, and locations with similar games
  •  Zoos, zoological gardens, aquariums, and similar sites
  •  Biodomes, planetariums, insectariums
  •  Botanical gardens
  •  Fairs and exhibitions

Where are COVID-19 vaccination passports NOT required in Quebec?

  •  Libraries
  •  Museums
  •  Private gatherings
  •  Ceremonies (weddings, funerals)
  •  Places of worship
  •  Spas and saunas
  •  Businesses offering personal and beauty care
  •  Accommodations
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