Coronavirus Canada updates: Quebec saw 180 new cases

Coronavirus Canada Updates: New Brunswick reports five new COVID-19 cases Friday, active cases drop to 156
Coronavirus Canada Updates: New Brunswick reports five new COVID-19 cases Friday, active cases drop to 156

New cases of COVID-19 continued to be reported across Canada on Tuesday, with a disturbing trend of young people being the majority of those cases.

There were 203 new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario, with the majority being people under the age of 39. Peel, Ottawa and Windsor-Essex regions saw increases of 57, 43 and 24 new cases respectively. Peel health officials say that the jump in cases can be attributed to a backlog recently cleared in their testing system, and the real increase is actually 22 from the last 24 hours. There were also 30 new cases reported in Toronto.

Quebec saw 180 new cases in the province, and one death linked to COVID-19. One of the new cases was a child attending a day camp in the Gatineau region. Slightly more than half of the total new cases reported were in the Montreal region.

In Atlantic Canada, one new case emerged. Newfoundland and Labrador reported a travel-related case involving a man in his 20s who had recently returned from Ontario. Prince Edward Island saw no new cases, nor did Nova Scotia, which has had no new cases for six days in a row. New Brunswick had no new reported cases, either.

In Manitoba, no new cases were identified, and the province discussed plans to open casinos and movie theatres as soon as Saturday. Saskatchewan identified eight new cases of the respiratory virus, however the province is moving forward with easing more restrictions this week, including allowing door-to-door solicitors and the resumption of yard and garage sales.

In a statement, British Columbia announced 30 new cases and a warning to residents that the province’s curve is “trending upwards.” There are 266 active cases in B.C. now. Alberta is sounding the alarm after days of “very concerning” case reports. On Tuesday, the province announced 141 new cases and two deaths. There are currently 1,193 active cases in the province.


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