Coronavirus Canada Updates: Halloween in Alberta will not be “cancelled” due to COVID

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Halloween in Alberta will not be “cancelled” due to COVID
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Halloween in Alberta will not be “cancelled” due to COVID

Alberta Health Services has released Thursday’s report on COVID-19, detailing the numbers over the past 24 hours.

173 cases were confirmed across the province, bringing the total to 18,235. Of those, 1,596 cases are active while 16,370 people have recovered.

Approximately two-thirds of the new infections were in the Edmonton Health Zone.

None in the latest batch of positive tests were in the South Zone. Active cases in the region fell to 32.

Two people in the Edmonton Zone died as a result of the virus, meaning it has claimed the lives of 269 Albertans.

64 patients are currently hospitalized and 12 have been admitted to intensive care units.

1,365,496 tests have been completed among 1,030,261 different people.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said during Thursday’s update that parents can still work on making or buying their children’s Halloween costumes.

“I have no plans to suggest that Alberta cancel Halloween this year. My own children would never forgive me.”

She says Halloween, if done properly, can actually be safer during the COVID-19 pandemic than many other holidays.

Dr. Hinshaw suggests choosing costumes that allow the wearer to utilize a non-medical face mask.

Those who are handing out candy are asked to wear masks, or if you have health complications, you can leave a bowl of candy by your front door.

“Try to get creative and have fun with the ways to minimize the risk of exposure that comes when giving out candy.”

She is urging against holding indoor parties with large groups of people.

A page full of safety guidelines is available at It includes tips on how to make the holiday safe for trick-or-treaters and those handing out candy.

There is also a printable page that you can post on your door to let people know if you will be handing out candy.

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