Coronavirus Canada updates: Eighty-nine more fatalities, Canadian military releases report on Quebec CHL

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Region of Waterloo reports 39 new COVID-19 cases under threat of red zone restrictions
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Region of Waterloo reports 39 new COVID-19 cases under threat of red zone restrictions

Quebec health officials have identified 541 new cases of COVID-19, to go along with 89 more fatalities.

The update increases its totals to 49,139 and 4,228, respectively.

Among its total cases are 15,319 people who have recovered from COVID-19, there’s been an increase of 320 since Tuesday’s update. Of its active cases, there are 1,378 in hospital (down by 25), which includes 184 in intensive care (up by three).

In its latest 24-hour stretch, the province completed 10,098 tests. It’s now the third straight day that officials have failed to reach Quebec’s goal of 14,000 tests a day, after reaching the mark twice at the end of last week.

On Wednesday, the Canadian Armed Forces’ Quebec report was made public, which described the conditions at 25 long-term care homes around the province, where 1,050 soldiers have been deployed.

“Several of the report’s findings, such as the understaffing, are among the reasons why Premier Legault asked for help from the Armed Forces a month and a half ago,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “These are serious issues that deserved to be brought to the attention of Quebec and we sent them the report last night.”

Among the key problems that were outlined in the CHSLDs report was a lack of division between “hot” and “cold” COVID-19 zones, staffing shortages, and proper use of protective equipment. Long-term care homes have accounted for at least 60 per cent of Quebec’s total deaths.

Following the release of the report, Premier François Legault requested that the Canadian military stay in Quebec’s CHSLDs until Sept. 15.

The Quebec report comes a day after the Canadian Armed Forces released an Ontario report, since soldiers have also been deployed to five care homes in the province. Ontario has requested that the Armed Forces extend its assistance mission for 30 more days.

“The report they provided us were heartbreaking, they were horrific, it’s shocking that this can happen here in Canada. It’s gut-wrenching and reading those reports was the hardest thing I’ve done as premier,” said Doug Ford, who has launched a full investigation into the five facilities.

Along with staffing shortages and a lack of personal protective equipment, the Ontario report outlines problems relating to “significant” fecal contamination, rotten food, cockroaches, and residents not being cleaned and bathed.

On Tuesday, the Canadian military said that there are 39 members who have tested positive after working in long-term care homes in both provinces. A total of 1,675 members have been deployed. Of the 39 cases, 24 are in Quebec and 15 in Ontario.

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