Coronavirus Canada Updates: COVID-19 cases drop in Alberta as variant concern rises

Coronavirus: Nova Scotia reports 426 new cases of COVID-19, another record
Coronavirus: Nova Scotia reports 426 new cases of COVID-19, another record

The daily case numbers paint a clear picture: Alberta has made big progress in the fight against COVID-19.

The province has also seen the number of people fighting coronavirus in hospitals and ICUs drop as well.

Unfortunately, there is a but, and that is the wildcard of what happens with the spread of new COVID-19 variants.

COVID-19 cases dropping in Alberta

According to the Centre of Health Informatics at the University of Calgary, new cases have dropped 19 per cent week-over-week in Alberta.

The Calgary zone saw the biggest dip, down 26 per cent, but it also has the highest number of active cases. The only place that saw an increase was the South zone.

“It’s certainly great news,” said Dr. Noel Gibney, the co-chair of the Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association’s COVID-19 pandemic response committee, and a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta.

“There’s absolutely no question the advances that we’ve seen and the drops in the numbers of COVID(-19) cases is directly related to what Albertans have done and what they have sacrificed to get these numbers under control.”

So, what’s next?

When it comes to spread of the original variant, cases are forecast to continue to decline according to a developmental biologist. Dr. Malgorzata Gasperowicz independently tracks and analyzes COVID-19 data in Alberta.

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