Coronavirus: 147 new cases reported in Saskatchewan and vaccine age eligibility moves to 29 and older

Coronavirus: B.C. adds 357 cases of COVID-19, lowest single-day total since February
Coronavirus: B.C. adds 357 cases of COVID-19, lowest single-day total since February

As of May 10, the Saskatchewan government has reported another 147 new cases of COVID-19 in the province. This brings the provincial total to 43,288 cases; 40,645 recoveries and 2,141 cases are considered active.

No new deaths are reported today.

The new cases in northern Saskatchewan are located in the following zones: Far North West, two; North West, 11; North Central, nine; and North East, six. Three new cases are pending residence information. Two cases with pending residence information have been assigned to the following zones: North West, one; and Regina, one.

There are 156 people in hospital. One hundred and nineteen people are receiving inpatient care: North West, eight; North Central, three; North East, two; Saskatoon, 56; Central East, three; Regina, 41; South West, one; South Central, one; and South East, four. Thirty-seven people are in intensive care: North Central, three; Saskatoon, 13; Central East, two; Regina, 17; South West, one; and South Central, one.

As of May 9, 8,392 VOCs have been identified by screening in Saskatchewan, reported in the following zones: Far North West, 187; Far North East, six; North West, 318; North Central, 237; North East, 50; Saskatoon, 1,029; Central West, 90; Central East, 373; Regina, 4,223; South West, 274; South Central, 612; and South East, 863. There are 130 screened VOCs with residence pending.

As of May 9, there are 30 active cases of COVID-19 in NITHA communities.

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