Colorado Mountain Lion Attacks Sheriff’s Deputy & Resident

Colorado Mountain Lion Attacks Sheriff's Deputy & Resident
Colorado Mountain Lion Attacks Sheriff's Deputy & Resident

Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded to a mountain lion attack Wednesday afternoon at a residence in the Loveland area, reportedly on the 2100 block of River Rim Road.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife say the mountain lion was euthanized as it posed a threat to human safety. Samples will be collected from the mountain lion for testing of disease and DNA analysis.

According to a report from 9News, one deputy and one citizen were transported to a nearby hospital after being attacked by the mountain lion. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown.

Attacks by mountain lions are rare in Colorado. However, there have been multiple reported attacks in recent months, including a mountain lion that attacked an 8-year-old who was playing outside his home in Bailey and another incident in which a trail runner survived an attack by killing the mountain lion with his bare hands. A hunter was also attacked, fending off the lion with a knife.

If you spot a mountain lion, stay calm and back away slowly. Never try to run or approach it. Stand your ground, throw things, make noise, and appear as large as possible by holding your arms out in attempt to scare it away. If it attacks, be prepared to fight back.

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