Bosnian minister dies from COVID-19, Report

Bosnian minister dies from COVID-19, Report
Bosnian minister dies from COVID-19, Report

A Bosnian minister for veterans affairs died Wednesday after contracting the novel coronavirus, state television channel BHRT reported.

Salko Bukvarevic, 53, held the cabinet post in Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat entity, one of the country’s two main administrative regions.

He had been hospitalised for health complications from the virus and was placed Monday on assisted ventilation, Sarajevo University clinic told BHRT.

The struggling Balkan country of 3.5 million has reported around 11,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 300 fatalities.

It has faced a rampant resurgence of infections, with nearly 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, among the highest infection rates in Europe, the World Health Organization warned last week.

Fadil Novalic, 61, the prime minister of Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat federation, also suffered from an infection but has recovered and was released from the hospital last weekend.

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