BC pilot killed in Australia seaplane crash

BC pilot killed in Australia seaplane crash
BC pilot killed in Australia seaplane crash

BC pilot was killed in Australia on New Year’s Eve in a seaplane crash that also claimed the lives of a prominent British businessman and his family.

WHENEVER pilot Gareth Morgan took to the skies he would silently recite a heartfelt prayer for safe travel.

The devout 44-year-old Christian, killed in the New Year’s Eve Hawkesbury River seaplane crash, read the Bible daily and never forgot a nod to God before a flight, despite his status as a highly experienced captain of 20 years.

“He was a warrior for Christ and committed every flight to the Lord,” his flatmate Luke Thornley, from Enfield in Sydney’s inner west, said.

“He read the Bible every day and would always say a prayer to bless every plane he flew and keep him and his passengers safe before flying.

“When I’d come home at night he would have praise and worship songs playing on his 60-inch TV on YouTube.

“He only moved into the house two weeks ago and had time for everyone.

“He loved having things neat and tidy, the house is horribly quiet without him.”

The Vancouver-born pilot first arrived in Sydney eight years ago to live in the beachside suburb of Cronulla.

He then headed to the Maldives two years ago when he was offered a job as co-pilot for Maldivian Seaplanes.

He returned to Australia in May, 2017, accepting a job as pilot with Sydney Seaplanes and two weeks ago quit his flatshare in Cronulla for ­Enfield.

At the Pentecostal Jubilee Church in Waverley, he was known as the quiet humble man at the back of the church.

“He was a gentle, quiet and incredibly kind,” Pastor Fini de Gersigny said.

“He lived for God and would stand at the back of the church every Sunday, dressed immaculately.”

“He was super sober and clean-living, a true gentleman with a big heart.”


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