Anti-lockdown protesters evicted from London camp

Anti-lockdown protesters evicted from London camp
Anti-lockdown protesters evicted from London camp

A small group of anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine protesters have been evicted from Shepherd’s Bush Green in west London after camping out for more than two weeks.

Bailiffs began demolishing the campsite this morning. Dozens of police, some wearing riot gear, were also present.

A YouTube livestream of today’s events showed police restraining a number of people as protestors reacted to the removal of their tents, but police did not report any arrests.

The activists set up camp on the green after protests on 30 May, when demonstrators had gathered in the nearby Westfield shopping centre.

I later spoke to some of them. They had a range of anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown views, and some told me they believed in conspiracy theories, including about a secret world government.

The protesters, a couple of hundred at the most, broadcast nightly music events and gatherings to like-minded audiences on social media. But by midday today, the green was mostly cleared.

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