AGT: Canadian Roberta Battaglia’s incredible voice earns her the golden buzzer

AGT: Canadian Roberta Battaglia's incredible voice earns her the golden buzzer
AGT: Canadian Roberta Battaglia's incredible voice earns her the golden buzzer

The 10-year-old Canadian girl admitted that she got bullied at school, but is now on a new level of high-flying success and fame

‘America’s Got Talent’ just premiered its second episode of Season 15 on Tuesday night, and once again, we were treated to a stellar round of amazing auditions and some ridiculously bad performances. We already saw one amazing singing performance in the form of the young Kelvin Dukes, but it was another youngster from Canada, Roberta Battaglia who stole the show tonight with her amazing voice.

She revealed that she had been singing ever since she was a little kid, performing with her musician father in local venues and restaurants around her home town even while she was a wee toddler. Roberta came to the audition accompanied by her mother, while her father provided moral support through a video call from back home in Canada.

The 10-year-old Roberta seemed a bit nervous and had to get a drink of water before she started her audition, brought to her by the obliging show’s host, Terry Crews . However, once she began singing her version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ from the Oscar-winning movie ‘A Star Is Born’, it became clear that Roberta was yet another bonafide star in the making.

Her incredible vocals were clear, powerful and gorgeous, and both Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara closed their eyes as they drank in the beauty of her splendid voice. Once she was done, she got a standing audition from the judges. Heidi Klum called her performance beautiful while Howie Mandel said that her talent, age and this amazing moment itself was unbelievable.

Simon Cowell was absolutely wowed by her voice and couldn’t believe that it was her singing. He was also incredibly taken by her likeability and humble nature. When Roberta revealed that she used to get bullied in school, Simon revealed that the best way to triumph over bullies was to beat them with her talent and success. Sofia Vergara, who was clearly moved by the young girl’s voice and story, called her “breathtaking” and gave her the best gift — she hit the golden buzzer for Roberta, sending her straight to the live shows in Hollywood.

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