US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: Biden’s chances of victory now at 92 percent according to betting website

US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: Biden leads as vote count continues in key states
US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: Biden leads as vote count continues in key states

Political betting website Smarkets currently rates Joe Biden’s chances at close to 92 percent.

The former Vice-President’s chances have been steadily rising since yesterday, with £19,626,614 traded so far.

– “People have tired of President Trump,” says ex-Republican Congressman Dent

Former Republican Congreeman Charlie Dent has said voters have backed Joe Biden because they are “tired” of the US President – but not necessarily the Republican party.

Mr Dent, speaking on CNN, pointed to the success of Republican candidates in the Senate and House of Representatives relative to the performance of Mr Trump.

He said: “People have tired of the President but they don’t want to give a mandate to the other side.”

– Trump says Twitter ‘out of control’ after tweets claiming he’s won election removed

Donald Trump has claimed Twitter is “out of control” after the social media site stated several of his tweets were “misleading” for claiming he had won the US Presidential election – the result of which is yet to be officially announced.

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to declare the Republican Party will “easily win” the race to the White House.

Once again he claimed illegal votes were being counted, without any evidence it was occurring.

He also hit out at the social media site for being “out of control” after a number of his Tweets were hidden from view, and branded “misleading about the election” by the site’s moderators.


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