Summerland couple wins Lotto Max, Report

Summerland couple Lotto Max win
Summerland couple Lotto Max win

A Summerland couple has been playing the same seven numbers on the Lotto Max for the last seven years and it finally paid off.

On May 1, Robert Bitte and Leah Schmidt matched six numbers and the bonus to win $1,052,328.10.

“I started playing Lotto Max seven years ago,” Bitte said in a press release. “I picked seven random numbers and have stuck with them since.”

The couple were at home when they decided to check the numbers on the night of the Lotto Max draw. Schmidt said she was just about to leave the house to go for a hike when she heard a commotion from her husband.

“He started yelling and I was thinking to myself ‘what is happening?’” Schmidt said. “I thought he was lying to me.”

The pair claimed their prize using BCLC’s temporary alternate prize-claim process.

With plenty of outdoor activities to do in Summerland, Bitte and Schmidt say some of their winnings might go towards a couple of luxury purchases: An electric mountain bike and a new kayak.

Also, they intend to change their lucky seven numbers, as of today.


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