Students use Harry Potter to give teacher a gift (Video)

Students use Harry Potter to give teacher a gift (Video)
Students use Harry Potter to give teacher a gift (Video)

Teacher Holds Back Tears When Students Give Him ‘Magic’ Harry Potter Glasses So He Can See Color.

One group of students tried to take that magic literally when they put together probably the most unique Harry Potter-related surprise I’ve seen.

In the video below, elementary school teacher Mr. Scott stands in what appears to be the school library with his eyes closed.

One by one, students approach him with a special gift. The first is a wand for him to hold, followed by a broom for him to ride, and then a colorful scarf for him to wear.

Lastly, and most importantly, a student puts a pair of “Quidditch goggles” on Mr. Scott’s face. It’s around this point in the video that we learn of Mr. Scott’s colorblindness. He has never been able to see color, but after this “magical” gift, he will be!

Once the schoolchildren ask Mr. Scott to open his eyes, the true magic happens. We see all the children standing in the library holding colorful signs and balloons so Mr. Scott can experience the beauty of them all at once.

Mr. Scott’s reaction is truly wonderful. You can tell how moved he is when he says, “Aww guys! This is awesome!”

The children are so delighted and the colors are so bright that Mr. Scott adds, “I’m trying not to cry.”

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