Ontario: Bear breaks into, shreds several vehicles

Ontario: Bear breaks into, shreds several vehicles
Ontario: Bear breaks into, shreds several vehicles

It was a big, hulking figure that broke into vehicles over several nights near Kennaway and Dudley Roads in Haliburton.

Ontario Provincial Police say a bear, adept at opening doors, got into 10 unlocked vehicles.

Some of the damage was severe.

Police urge owners to keep car doors locked and make certain there is nothing inside the vehicle that could be food for a hungry bear.

Most human-bear encounters occur when bears are attracted by smells, so removing potential attractants will help avoid unwarranted visitors. Knowing what to do if you come across a bear, as not every bear sighting is an emergency situation – and keeping your property free of bear attractants – is being Bear Wise.

If you encounter a bear:

Stay calm
If the bear sees you, talk in a low, calm voice and then regardless if it has seen you or not.

Back up slowly
Never turn your back on a bear, or run. Running could trigger an attack.

Do not stare
The bear will see a direct stare as a challenge.

Give it space
Make sure it has a way to get away, and that you are not blocking access to a bear’s cubs or its food.


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