Leigh Schroeder remembered at Regina memorial, Report

Leigh Schroeder remembered at Regina memorial, Report
Leigh Schroeder remembered at Regina memorial, Report

Under a light afternoon snowfall, hundreds of paramedics, firefighters and police officers lined the entry road to Regina’s Living Hope Alliance Church.

Dressed in their finest uniforms, they raised their arms in salute as symbols of Leigh Schroeder — a Canadian flag, picture, Bible and stethoscope — were carried by in an ambulance to the church doors.

Leigh, a 28-year-old paramedic, died in the line of duty while responding to a call near Beauval, Sask., last weekend. His life was celebrated and remembered Sunday in front of family, friends and fellow first responders.

“Our Leigh would have been overwhelmed with your kindness,” said Leigh’s mother Gwendolyn Schroeder through tears as she and Leigh’s father Rudy thanked the several-hundred person strong congregation for joining them.

“As we begin a new chapter in our lives, we will not forget you, but we will begin each day opening our hands, hearts and minds, letting love find us and grace shine in.”

Leigh, who worked with the Meadow Lake EMS unit, was travelling north on Highway 155 when his ambulance collided with a truck. The RCMP said the highway was partly covered with ice and slush at the time.

Twelve-year-old Jerome Coulineur and one-year-old Kinzey Iron-Couillonneur were riding in the truck and also passed away in the collision.


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