Health Canada looking into 4-year-old boy’s treatment of rabid dog saliva

Health Canada looking into 4-year-old boy's treatment of rabid dog saliva
Health Canada looking into 4-year-old boy's treatment of rabid dog saliva

B.C. Provincial Health Officer Speaks Out After Naturopath Treated Boy With Rabid Dog Saliva.

The company that reportedly sold Zimmerman the saliva treatment is not licensed for any such products, according to Health Canada’s database of licensed natural health products.

“Based on the information provided, Health Canada is opening a case for follow-up,” said Maryse Durette in an email. “Should the department identify any non-compliance with the Food and Drugs Act or the Natural Health Products Regulations, it will take action.”

The sale of an unlicensed natural health product could net you fines of up to $5000 or imprisonment up to three years.

Anke Zimmermann, from Victoria, wrote on her blog in February that she used the saliva to treat a preschool-aged boy. This boy had been having trouble sleeping and behaving in the classroom. She wrote in the post, “His preschool is complaining that he hides under tables and growls at people.”

Zimmermann said that she identified the child only as Jonah and in the past, he had bitten by a dog that caused a problem to his, she suspected.

She said, “People who need Lyssinum, also known as Hydrophobinum, are often afraid of the dark, of dogs, even of water, have trouble falling asleep and are overly excitable. Aggression can also be a strong feature as can dreams of dogs, wolves and being attacked. This can even develop into full psychosis.”

Then she prescribed the treatment to that boy.

Zimmermann wrote, “Within a minute or two of giving him the remedy Jonah smiled at me very broadly and beautifully, as if all the lights had just gone on.” She continues, “We said our goodbyes, and I felt a warm feeling of hope for this boy.”


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