Door-to-door sales ban begins in Ontario, Report

Door-to-door sales ban begins in Ontario, Report
Door-to-door sales ban begins in Ontario, Report

Ontario Ban on Door-to-Door Sales in Effect as of March 1st.

The province’s ban on door-to-door sale of certain services and appliances came into effect Thursday.

The ban, which has been long discussed by the Ontario government, comes after Ontarians have flooded the government’s consumer protection officials with complaints about salespeople showing up at homes and using questionable methods to sell water heaters, furnaces and water filters.

“These new laws will ensure that people aren’t being taken advantage of through unsolicited door-to-door contracting,” said Tracy MacCharles, minister of Government and Consumer Services.

“We have heard from many consumers, ‎including many seniors, who are being taken advantage of at their doorsteps.”

The door-to-door sales of the following products are now banned:

  • Air cleaners
  • Air conditioners
  • Air purifiers
  • Duct cleaning services
  • Furnaces
  • Water filters
  • Water heaters
  • Water purifiers
  • Water softeners
  • Water treatment devices
  • Bundles of these goods and services

In addition, businesses will be required to keep a record of how the consumer learned of their products, and all contracts signed in the home for goods and services will also have a 10-day cooling-off period, allowing consumers to cancel the contract for any reason without penalty.

Businesses will only be able to enter into a contract in the consumer’s home if the consumer has contacted the business ahead of time and invited them into their home for the purpose of entering into a contract. Contracts that are in violation of the new rules relating to door-to-door contract solicitation will be considered void, and consumers will be able to keep the goods and services with no obligations.

Individuals who violate the law will risk a fine of up to $50,000 or imprisonment for up to two years, less a day, or both. Corporations will face a fine of up to $250,000.

The new regulations don’t apply to telecommunications companies, home maintenance services or charities.

Ontario is the second province, after Alberta, to ban the practice of door-to-door sales.


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