Chloe Swarbrick shuts down heckler with ‘OK boomer’ retort

Chloe Swarbrick shuts down heckler with 'OK boomer' retort
Chloe Swarbrick shuts down heckler with 'OK boomer' retort

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick brought one of the internet’s biggest buzzwords to Parliament on Tuesday, but it seems the automated captions on Parliament TV haven’t caught up.

During a speech on climate change and the Zero Carbon Bill, Swarbrick pointed out that she will be 56 in the year 2050, and that the average age of current MPs was 49.

That apparently generated some reaction from a National MP, which led Swarbrick to raise her hand toward the Opposition and say “OK Boomer”.

“OK Boomer” is a retort used to mock or dismiss members of the Baby Boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964), particularly in response to criticism of Millennials or Generation Z.

Apparently the captions on Parliament TV aren’t up with the latest slang though, because they registered her comments as “OK, Berma”.

The phrase has seen widespread use in 2019, and is commonly used on Twitter to respond to tweets by conservative politicians.

This appears to be the first time in the world “OK Boomer” has been used in this context in a parliament.


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