US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: Biden Maintains Lead in Four Key States as Counting Nears End

US election 2020: Biden announces top White House staff
US election 2020: Biden announces top White House staff

Biden maintained his lead as elections officials in four key states plowed through ballots Friday, but enough ballots remained outstanding that it was too soon to definitively call a win in any of the states.

With 264 electors, Biden remained just short of the 270 majority a candidate must have to win an election.

His lead was tightest in Georgia, where he was separated from Trump by just 4,020 votes early Saturday, close enough that the race will likely be headed for a recount.

In Pennsylvania, his erstwhile home state, Biden’s lead was at 28,877 early Saturday, bolstered by results from Philadelphia that came in during the day. He also led in Nevada, where he was ahead of Trump by 22,657 votes early Saturday.

Biden’s lead in Arizona, which has shrunk somewhat as ballots were counted, was 29,861 as of early Saturday.

The former vice president spoke to the nation Friday night, predicting an official victory soon and saying he’s already begun work on dealing with the coronavirus, the economy and racial injustice. He said he’d probably speak again Saturday.

Trump made no public remarks but made vague accusations regarding military ballots and other voting procedures on Twitter.

“Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the president,” Trump tweeted. “I could make that claim also.”


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