Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec’s COVID-19 death toll nears 9,000, adds over 60 in past day

Coronavirus: Quebec extends COVID-19 mask mandate until April 30
Coronavirus: Quebec extends COVID-19 mask mandate until April 30

The COVID-19 death toll in Quebec is nearing 9,000 since the pandemic began as public health adds 62 new deaths to the provincial total.

Nine of the newly-announced deaths occurred over the past day, according to the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Between January 8 and 13, 41 occurred, 11 from earlier in January, and one from an “unknown date.”

Public health is also reporting 1,918 new coronavirus cases, bringing the provincial total to 238,745.

The number of hospitalizations has increased by 27 since Thursday for a cumulative total of 1,496. Among these, the number of people in intensive care has increased by one for a total of 231 across Quebec.

Public health also reports 2,410,469 negative cases, with 207,934 being deemed “recoveries.”

The new data was reported by hospitals and public health officials on Thursday, January 14, at 6 pm.

Last week, Quebec Premier François Legault said the virus was “spreading too fast” and is “out of control” in the province.

Santé Quebec advises residents to “frequently wash” their hands (for 20 seconds with soap and water), use alcohol-based disinfectant, respect the measures regarding private gatherings, and limit travel as much as possible.


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