Coronavirus Canada updates: Quebec surpasses 5,000 deaths

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec reports nearly 700 new cases
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec reports nearly 700 new cases

On Tuesday, the death toll from COVID-19 in Quebec rose to 5,029. There are also 138 new cases reported in the province, bringing the total number of cases to 53,047.

The number of hospitalizations in the province has decreased. There are currently 961 people in hospital, 15 fewer than the day before. One hundred and seventeen of those in hospital are in intensive care, a decrease of four.

The majority of the deaths that took place in the province over the last 24 hours are in long-term care facilities.

As Quebec has now surpassed 5,000 deaths related COVID-19, Premier François Legault apologized for the tragedy people in the province have experienced.

“The message I have is that I’m sorry,” Legault said. “I’m sorry for the decisions that have been taken or not taken for the last 10, 20 years.”

“Of course, we’re sad for the families that are close to these people.”

The premier went on to say the number of cases coming from long-term care homes and senior facilities has been of particular concern.

“4,500 were coming from those residences so there were clearly some problems…the number of employees, salary they were paid,” Legault said. “I think we really need to change the situation and make sure…what happened will be a lesson for Quebec.”


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