Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ontario schools report 166 new school COVID-19 cases

Covid-19: Manitoba adds 25 new variant cases
Covid-19: Manitoba adds 25 new variant cases

The Government of Ontario reports 166 new COVID-19 cases in schools on Wednesday, surpassing 5,000 cases in three months.

According to the provincial government, 140 cases reported today are student-related, and 26 are staff-related. Ontario schools reported 299 total cases.

The new total has now reached 5,024 since back to school.

There have been 1,386 school-related cases in just two weeks, with 3,638 reported 14 or more days before that.

Out of the total cases recorded since September, about 64% have been from students.

The province now reports six school closures out of the 742 schools that have cases.

As for licensed childcare centres, there are now 834 total confirmed cases with 135 centres and 459 homes closed.


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