Coronavirus Canada updates: Ontario reported 135 new cases of the virus

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ontario logs 4,736 new coronavirus cases today
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ontario logs 4,736 new coronavirus cases today

On Monday, Canada saw some regions with slightly higher cases the reported than previous weeks, but deaths related to COVID-19 remained quite low.

Ontario reported 135 new cases of the virus, and one additional virus-related death. The province also announced it would have more regions enter Stage 3, however Toronto, Peel and Windsor-Essex regions will remain in Stage 2 at this time. Quebec reported two deaths related to the virus, as well as 150 newly-reported cases from the last 24 hours. While Quebec had been below the 100 new cases mark previously, the last seven days has all seen the number of new cases between 109 and 166.

Most of Atlantic Canada remained flat and saw no new cases in any of the provinces, however New Brunswick had one newly-reported case of COVID-19 linked to a recent travel case through close contact. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island have all been without a new case for five days, ten days and six days respectively.

The Haida Nation has also reported its first case of COVID-19, as a resident of Haida Gwaii self-reported a positive COVID-19 test result on Friday. The residents of the island community off the north coast of B.C. had expressed concern earlier when two fishing lodges in the islands reopened recently, despite travel to the islands remaining restricted.

Manitoba saw 18 new cases reported over the weekend and Monday, ten of which are tied to three Hutterite communities in the province. There are currently 29 active cases in Manitoba, 20 of which are in those communities. Saskatchewan reported 19 new cases in the province, with patients located in the central, Saskatoon, north and south regions.

British Columbia is sounding the alarm after a surge in cases were reported over the weekend. B.C. saw 102 new cases since Friday afternoon’s announcement, bringing the province’s total to 3,000, including 253 still active cases. Alberta reported 368 new cases over the weekend (165 on Friday; 106 on Saturday; and 97 on Sunday). The province now has 1,109 active cases.


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