Coronavirus Canada Updates: Manitoban fined nearly $1,300 for defying public health order for masks

Coronavirus: Quebec extends COVID-19 mask mandate until April 30
Coronavirus: Quebec extends COVID-19 mask mandate until April 30

The Manitoba government has fined someone nearly $1,300 for breaking a public health order regarding the use of masks.

According to the province, it handed the person a $1,296 ticket on Nov. 17 in the Capital Region for breaking the orders that went into place on Nov. 12.

“Namely, person failed to wear a mask in a manner covering their face, nose and chin while in an indoor public space,” the province said.

Manitoba is also reporting that it fined a business $5,000 for breaking public health measures that went into place on Nov. 2.

Robin’s Donuts, located at 445 10th Street in Brandon, Man., was ticketed on Nov. 10 for failure “to take measures to ensure physical distancing between patrons.”

As of late, the province has handed a number of Manitoba businesses $5,000 tickets for defying public health orders. This includes Hyatt House Winnipeg Southwest, B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd., a Goodlife Fitness in Brandon, a McDonald’s in Neepawa, Man., the Town Centre in Brandon, the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport Polo Park, Bar Italia Café, Pony Corral on Pembina Highway, and the Pembina Hotel.

The province can fine individuals $1,296 for breaking public health orders, while businesses can be fined $5,000.

On Wednesday, Manitoba health officials announced they are putting a new $298 fine in place for people not wearing masks in indoor public places.

“It’s only those places where you’re mandated under the public health orders, so those are indoor public places,” said Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer.

“Outdoor, we don’t have a mandate to wear masks, so indoor public places, those not wearing masks could be subject to a fine.”


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