Coronavirus Canada updates: Manitoba reports 18 cases in a week, just as everyone else recovers

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ontario cases spike above 1,800
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ontario cases spike above 1,800

Health officials in Manitoba have identified six new cases of COVID-19, but have not provided additional details on the individuals.

Health officials said in a tweet that their online data will be updated on Monday, which will include more information.

Throughout this week, Manitoba has identified 18 cases of COVID-19. All of its other patients had recovered by July 14 or died due to the respiratory virus. It had also gone 13 straight days without reporting a new COVID-19 patient.

According to CBC, seven of Manitoba’s most recent cases have been on at least two Hutterite colonies, which includes five new cases on a colony in the Interlake-Eastern Health region.

Throughout the pandemic, Manitoba has had 343 cases of COVID-19. That includes seven people who have passed away.

As of Friday, at least 318 people have recovered in Manitoba after contracting the respiratory virus. If no one has recovered since then, it would mean that there are 18 active cases in the province.


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