Coronavirus Canada Updates: How many covid cases in quebec today

Coronavirus: Ontario reports 3,166 new COVID cases Friday
Coronavirus: Ontario reports 3,166 new COVID cases Friday

Quebec says it has nearly exhausted all of its COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The province says it administered 3,071 injections Thursday and says it has about 2,043 vaccine doses left from the 238,100 total doses it had received.

Health Minister Christian Dube said today on Twitter he expects the province to acquire 18,000 Pfizer and 40,000 Moderna vaccines next week.

The province is reporting 1,295 new COVID-19 cases and 50 more deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus, including nine in the previous 24 hours.

Health authorities say hospitalizations dropped by 47, to 1,217, and the number of patients requiring intensive care dropped by three, to 209.

Quebec has reported a total of 259,993 infections, 9,717 deaths linked to the virus and 235,516 recoveries from COVID-19.


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