Coronavirus Canada Updates: COVID cases in Sudbury continue to explode

Coronavirus Canada Updates: 146 new COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan, no new deaths today
Coronavirus Canada Updates: 146 new COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan, no new deaths today

Public Health Sudbury and Districts reported four new COVID-19 cases late Friday.

As in Thursday’s announcement of four new cases, one person was exposed to the virus while travelling and the three others were exposed to someone who got it after travelling.

Again, as in Thursday’s announcement, all four are from Sudbury and are self-isolating.

That brings to 122 the number of cases Public Health Sudbury and Districts has recorded. Its terrority includes Greater Sudbury, Espanola, Manitoulin Island the District of Sudbury.

Most of the cases have been in Greater Sudbury; two people here have died of the virus.

Through contact tracing, Public Health will notify all close contacts in this new case directly. If you are not contacted by Public Health, you are not considered a close contact.

“Public Health Sudbury and Districts is reminding everyone that the safest options are to avoid non-essential travel, limit indoor gatherings to your own household, and otherwise be outdoors or go virtual, practise physical distancing, masking, and handwashing, and of course, stay away if you have any symptoms,” the agency said in a release.

“As much as possible, Ontarians are encouraged to limit outings to essentials like going to work or school, picking up groceries, attending a medical appointment, or engaging in outdoor physical activity. For all outings, continue to practise COVID-safe behaviours like distancing and wearing a face covering.”

Although permissible for up to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors, in-person gatherings of any size should be limited and should always include distance and masking when distancing is not possible.

Limiting contacts and in-person interactions as much as possible is critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19, Public Health said. Unless people are from the same household, keep two metres (six feet) apart and wear a face covering if distancing is not possible.

Face coverings must be worn in all indoor public spaces, and they must also be worn in other indoor spaces where distancing is not possible.


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