Coronavirus Canada Updates: 16 cases, 10 recoveries in London-Middlesex

Today's coronavirus Canada - Update: New Brunswick reports 27 new COVID-19 cases
Today's coronavirus Canada - Update: New Brunswick reports 27 new COVID-19 cases

Sixteen people have tested positive for the coronavirus while 10 others have recovered, the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) reported Thursday.

That brings the region’s case total to 1,117, of which 1,004 people have recovered. Sixty people have died from the virus, most recently on Saturday involving a 51-year-old woman who was not linked to a seniors’ facility.

There are at least 63 known active cases of the virus in London and Middlesex.

Thursday’s update comes after two days in which a combined three cases were reported.

Prior to that, 14 new cases were reported on Monday along with 10 recoveries, while one death, 13 cases and 19 recoveries were reported Saturday through Sunday.

Of Thursday’s cases, 13 are from London and three are from Middlesex Centre. A majority of the individuals are over the age of 40.

Health unit figures show three are aged 19 or under, two are in their 20s, one is in their 30s, two are in their 20s and four each are in their 50s and 60s.

Eight cases have contact with a confirmed case as their listed exposure source, while two are linked to travel and one is linked to an outbreak. The source of six cases is pending or undetermined, while two have no known link.

The region’s non-intensive care hospitalized tally also rose by one compared to Wednesday.

London Health Sciences Centre had reported that six inpatients with COVID-19 were in its care as of Monday, but that number has since declined — by how much is unclear. On Thursday, LHSC only reported that the number was now five or fewer.

No patients are in the care of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, the organization reported.

A total of 129 people have been hospitalized during the pandemic, including 33 who have needed intensive care. It’s not clear how many of these individuals later recovered and how many later died, as such information is not released by the health unit.


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