Coronavirus Canada update: 11,283 diagnoses and 138 deaths

Coronavirus Canada update: 11,283 diagnoses and 138 deaths
Coronavirus Canada update: 11,283 diagnoses and 138 deaths

Alberta – 968 cases, 13 deaths (142 resolved)

British Columbia – 1,121 cases, 31 deaths (606 resolved)

Manitoba – 167 cases, 1 death (11 resolved)

New Brunswick – 91 cases (14 resolved)

Newfoundland and Labrador – 183 cases, 1 death (10 resolved)

Northwest Territories – 2 cases

Nova Scotia – 193 cases (16 resolved)

Ontario – 2,793 cases, including 53 deaths (831 resolved)

Prince Edward Island – 22 cases (3 resolved)

Quebec – 5,518 cases, 36 deaths (29 resolved)

Saskatchewan – 206 cases, 3 deaths (30 resolved)

Yukon – 6 cases (3 resolved)

CFB Trenton – 13 cases

Authorities in Canada are working to contain the spread of COVID-19, which the World Health Organization deemed a pandemic in mid March.

Provinces and territories around the country have ramped up their testing, leading to an increase in cases, but also delays in results that may not reflect the most recent measures that have been applied by officials and citizens, such as social distancing.

Officials say Canadians have contracted the disease while travelling in other countries from all over the world. Certain cases in Canada, which are linked to travel, have led to human-to-human transmission between close contacts. There have also been of signs of community spread in provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

In order to contain the spread, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has restricted Canada’s borders, provinces and territories have declared states of emergencies, while people returning back to Canada must self-isolate for 14 days upon return under the Quarantine Act.

Those who don’t need to necessarily isolate are still being asked to practice social distancing. It involves keeping at least two metres away from others in social settings and staying home when possible in order to limit the spread.

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