Amazon Warns of Big PS5 Pre-Order Issue, Report

Amazon Warns of Big PS5 Pre-Order Issue, Report
Amazon Warns of Big PS5 Pre-Order Issue, Report

Argos has finally begun taking pre-orders on the heavily anticipated Playstation 5.

The next-generation console can be purchased through the Argos website at the launch price of £449.99 for the standard model and £359.99 for the digital edition.

However you’ll have to move fast – GAME, Smyths, and Amazon sold out of their initial PS5 stock within hours. Pre-orders for Sony’s new console began sporadically on 17th September with retailers going live at different times, with Argos one of the last to start accepting orders.

Argos sold out fast, but went live again with more stock – it looks like is next up.

See below for other retailers selling the PS5 or check out our PS5 pre-order guide:

The Black Friday-esque scramble for the new console began following the PS5 Spotlight event in which Sony finally revealed the price and release date of the Playstation 5, as well as a look at several upcoming PS5 games such as Hogwarts Legacy and God of War: Ragnarok. There were surely many relieved fans when the PS5 was confirmed to match the Xbox Series X price of £449 – though many were baffled that the UK had to wait a week longer than much of the world for a 19th November launch.

Should you be unlucky enough to miss out on a PS5, you may want to consider buying a PS4, which is still an impressive piece of hardware and boasts a great library of exclusive games – and will now be cheaper than ever:


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